There’s an App for That?

There’s an App for That?

Moving forward with technology in the green industry.

Any professional landscaper understands the importance of tools they can trust, and in 2020 that includes our digital devices.  This year we’re sending every crew leader into the field with a smart phone connected through SingleOps.

What is SingleOps?

SingleOps is an operational CRM software system designed specifically for the green industry.  It allows us to track jobs, employees, equipment and more from any SingleOps connected device.  We can make real-time scheduling changes in the office, and our crews will receive up to the minute information in the field.

SingleOps is an Atlanta-based company that pairs the connectivity of cloud computing with the green thumbs of landscaping experts. Find out more at

Now for the Good Stuff.

We’ve been working with SingleOps for bid production and billing purposes for the past year, with the result that proposals are more striking and easier to understand than ever before.  When the necessary information is centrally located and accessible by the entire team, we are better able to serve you. 

Each Fredericks Lanscaping Manager now carries a surface pro laptop with them in the field and can pull up a contract or a schedule on a moment’s notice.  Our crews can take a photo of a job site, upload it to SingleOps, and share it with the rest of the team in moments.  We can better track our resources, and with more accurate data than ever, we can continue to focus on giving you the best service and value possible.

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