Leaf Collection is Important, but Why?

Leaf Collection is Important, but Why?

There are plenty of debates on whether to collect fallen leaves or let them lay. We are going to skip over discussing these debates as we believe that leaf collection is essential for many reasons. Let’s dive in and take a look at why we believe leaf collection is essential.

Leaves are beautiful in fall, with the stunning colors they provide a look and feel that is only comparable to the feeling of a full spring flower bloom. So why is it important to do a complete leaf collection on your property. Here are just a few of what we believe are the most important reasons.

  1. Aesthetics of the property

    Properties that participate in leaf collection services from their landscape professional or municipality usually have better curb appeal during the fall season. Even though leaves look great on the tree in the fall, the same is not true once they have fallen to the ground. They typically turn brown very quickly after falling, become waterlogged from rain, are walked/driven on, get blown around and can make a very manicured property look as if the property is not well managed. This especially crucial while putting residences up for sale during the fall season, the better appearance the unit has the better chance of interested buyers.

  2. Disease and pests

    Leaves left to rot can cause damage to the turf. Leaves left to sit on top of the turf eventually get rained on and in some cases can build up quickly to create a barrier on top of the turf. This barrier can hinder the turfs natural air exchange. This barrier can lead to diseases such as snow mold, and invite more pests to invade your lawn.

  3. Clogged gutters and drains

    In landscaping, we deal with clogged, damaged or non-functioning drains quite often. Leaves can help contribute to reducing the amount of time the drain will remain functioning. Often leaves are carried by water to the nearest drain and can cause the start of a clog which can get worse if not remedied. We do not do leaf removal on roofs however, this is a topic you should consider when consulting with your landscaper, gardener or caretaker. Leaves left in gutters can cause build-ups and prevent proper water flow. Inefficient gutters can lead to a number of foundation issues if let go for long periods of time. If you have gutters that run into PVC drains, or french drains it is vital to ensure gutters remain clean and operational to avoid potential damage to the drains and the cost associated with repairs or replacement.

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